Welcome to the Barley Station Brew Pub...come enjoy our fine food and some of the best beer found anywhere.

Our head brewer uses recipes created exclusively for us using the finest ingredients available. We start with water that has been purified by our in-house reverse osmosis system and then add the right amount of minerals specific to each style beer. This water is combined with the finest malted grain from Europe and North America.

The addition of hops chosen for their aroma and bitterness and the best yeast for each style of beer all mean that you can now enjoy a variety of tastes in beers that will tempt you to try them all. During the year we will introduce some very special limited edition beers that will be on tap for a short time only. Be sure to ask your server for these seasonal beers when available.

All of our beers are made in house using the best ingredients available. We don't filter or add any preservatives to our beer. By drinking our beers you are greatly reducing the impact on the environment. Our beer only has to travel 50 ft. to get to your table, so feel good about doing your part to save the world one beer at a time. Relax and Enjoy Our Beer!

Kathy & Stu Bradford
Stu & Kathy invite you to come in and sample our lineup of Great Food and Great Beer.
The Brew Pub's gardens use rain water collected in these old English style beer tanks commonly known as "Grundies". The vines growing along the building are hop vines that Stu planted this spring.
How we make our beer. Our Beer is Available in Cans!
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How we make our beer.
Beer Talk

Here are a few definitions of beer terminology:

  • Original Gravity — Measurement of the density of fermentable sugars in a mixture of malt and water with which a brewer begins a batch of beer.
  • Specific Gravity — specific gravity of a beer when fermentation is complete.
  • IBU — International bitterness units. A system of indicating the hop bitterness in beer.
  • Wort (wert) — Solution of grain sugars strained from the mash tun. This wort becomes beer.
  • ABV — alcohol by volume, a percentage of the volume of alcohol in a volume of beer.
  • All Malt — beer made exclusively with Barley malt and no adjuncts (rice etc.). Other than our wheat beers, our beers are All Malt Beers.

What's on Tap

We have a great selection of delicious brews.

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What’s better than beer? Gathering with friends and beer.

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